David Brown

"Everyone should attend training with an empty cup, ready to be filled with knowledge"
David Brown
Instructor, Jujutsu
  • 4th Dan  Rishinkan Jujutsu, Shidoin

I started my martial arts journey in November 1984 after a life time of always wanting to learn but never quite getting there.
The largest obstacle we all face is walking onto the mat for the first time. Once you conquer that, you will never look back. You will learn many life lessons in jujutsu.

You cannot learn unless you are willing to let your ego dissolve and you cannot teach unless you learn balance, respect, humility and mutual prosperity.

  • Ran a dojo teaching jujutsu in Perth, Western Australia
  • Attended World Butoku Sai event in Kyoto, Japan in 2016.
  • Demonstrated Jujutsu and Judo at a Dai Nippon Butoku Kai event in Japan.
  • Awarded the title of Shidoin (leading instructor) Jujutsu, DNBK, Kyoto, Japan 2016.
  • Awarded 4th Dan Jujutsu, DNBK, Kyoto, Japan, 2019.
  • Taught at “Fight for Life”  a charity event to raise money for curing cancer.
  • Currently teaching jujutsu at Craigieburn Martial Arts Centre.