"To harmonise with the attacker to gain a positional advantage either by tai sabaki (body movement) or kuzushi (breaking balance). Once the advantage is gained counter-attack with explosive energy; this can be a strike, joint lock or throw. This is followed by a controlling technique to ensure the attacker is no longer a threat."
Kevin Walsh
Head, Rishinkan Jujutsu

Rishinkan Jujutsu is a style of self-defence that teaches you how to defend yourself against an unarmed or armed attacker without using excessive force. You learn to control your opponent rather than cause unnecessary injury.

Rishinkan Jujutsu is a modern form of the Koryū (old style) Jujutsu used by the Samurai warriors of Japan. Koryū Jujutsu was used when the Samurai was without his sword or lost his sword in battle. This modern form of Jujutsu uses the principles of Koryū Jujutsu and applies them to modern world scenarios.

Intermediate Classes (11 to 15yrs)

These classes teach self-defence skills in a safe environment. Students learn techniques and concepts that enables them to manage threatening situations and protect their personal safety.Emphasis is placed on safety and learning from each other. Although the program teaches a fighting system, self-control and discipline is promoted and expected.
Techniques taught involve

Learn how to throw someone much bigger than yourself to the ground.

Learn how to easily hold some much bigger than yourself on the ground.

Discover the “smart” way to escape from a hold someone has on you.

Learn defensive techniques against punches and kicks.

Learn the correct technique to punch and kick. Poor technique when punching can injure your own wrist.

Adult Classes (16 years +)

These classes offer students a complete self defence program by promoting the use of mind and body together. Students will learn how to use the aggressor’s strength against themselves. Students will be taught various self-defence techniques against unarmed and weapon attacks.
The program teaches

“Self Defence” is more than just beating an attacker. Come and learn the difference.

Learn how to cause intense pain to an attacker without causing lasting injury.

Discover the “smart” way to escape from a hold someone has on you.

Being able to defend yourself while pinned to the ground is critical for self defence – especially for women.

You could be attacked by someone carrying many different types of weapons. Come and learn the implications of different weapons.